Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A job! A job! I have got a job!

Ok, so maybe I’m not so skilled at the whole “introduction, build the plot, dénouement” thing. But, it bears repeating, so I’m sure you’ll hear the good news again at the proper dénouement point. I feel as though I am getting married and I must bid farewell to my bygone days. Farewell, days of youth, where I flitted from one temp job to the next! I bid adieu to the “full time job” of incessantly searching Idealist.org – in fact, I am unsubscribing myself from that woebegone listserv! Goodbye hours of boredom where I found myself beholden to check people’s blogs thrice daily! I hereby take leave of forgone evenings of fun due to lack of funds! Adios cover letters! Cheerio rigid interviewers! And hello, crouching, standing, and reaching. I have got a job!


Mieken said...

Wahoo Heather! You will soon learn that there is impoortance in standing, crouching, sitting and lifting. You will also learn that these skills will touch millions of peoples lives. God Bless us everyone!

mel said...

yeaaah!!!! My little hobbit, we are growing up in the world! :) Just don't become one of those d.c.-ites who identifies themselves by coolness level of their jobs "IIIII work at the Whiiiite House". ha! or...then..i..would...be..making fun of you too :). I think you have passed the torch of job searching to me. bluck.CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so happy for you! amazing.

Scott and Laura said...

SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats my friend! I'm way happy for you! Now you will have money to come and see me but you will not have any time. That's so sad! But I'm way excited for you! Now please pray that I will find one too!