Saturday, May 9, 2009

Latest and greatest in contraception

The other day, we were doing a community workshop on women's empowerment. It was the family planning day, so we were talking about what kinds of modern birth control methods were available in their community. Things were going pretty much as expected when one woman spoke up. She started listing some of the usual methods "pills, implants... and of course, one of the most effective methods is a husband's death." Yep, I'm pretty sure that'll do it. Pretty much 100% effective. I can just see the campaign now. Latest and greatest in birth control: death. Pretty novel. 


Adriana said...

hey sure, whatever works. but i wouldn't call it 100% effective, there's lots of men out there.

Jecca Lee Ivie Johnson said...

Don't think every wife hasn't contemplated that solution at one time or another.

Brian and chelsea said...

I'd rather bear a child once a year for the rest of my life than use that contraception method!

I think. Maybe after 12 years and a dozen rugrats I'd just remind myself that families are forever and be ok with it.