Monday, March 3, 2008

Where have all the socks and tupperware tops gone?

Something simply scandalous has occurred. The socks have run off with the tupperware tops. I can't fathom why the tupperware tops would leave their beloved lower halves for a stinky, holey sock, but they have done it, and it alarming numbers. I'm sure that single socks have their virtues - they can be warm and fuzzy, I suppose. But, I think that tupperware tops and socks are quite ill-matched. I wish they would come back and join their rightful mates.


mel said...

so, really funny. We ran out of Tupperware at our house...and I had a suspicion it was because of me. My roommate and I went to my office on Saturday and rounded up 14 Tupperware containers with our names on it. ooops :)

Becky said...

Just the tops huh? That is a mystery!

zane and lexi said...

so true! we lost our heather sanders too! hope you are doing well in DC...take care!

Brian and chelsea said...

No clue on the tops - but the answer to your sock inquiry is so blantantly obvious, I'm surprised you haven't discovered it yet.
They EAT one sock from each pair.
Where do you think all the lint in the lint tray comes from?!