Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pandemic tag

It appears that there is a highly virulent strain of blog tag going around. Alas, I have come down with this dreaded disease and must succumb to its demands. I must admit that this disease almost killed me because I am absolutely horrible at delimiting my life and making lists.

8 things I'm passionate about:

1. Peace 2. Poverty 3. Culture 4. Gospel 5. Languages 6. Nature 7. Learning 8. Family

8 things I want to do before I die:

1. Get a PhD 2. Start a non-profit when I see a need that is not being met 3. Travel to Thailand, China, Afghanistan, and New Zealand 4. Have a family 5. Create a real community/sense of social capital 6. Go to culinary school 7. See Angkor Watt 8. Do something significant to increase peace in this world

8 books I have read recently:

1. Three cups of tea 2. East of Eden 3. The color of water 4. Eat, pray, love 5. Stargirl 6. Big box swindle 7. War and peace 8. A separate peace

8 things I often say:

1. Crimeny 2. Oh, dear 3. Seriously 4. Also... 5. Blast 6. What in the world? 7. Indeed 8. Eh

8 things that attract me to friends:

1. Quick to laugh 2. Intelligence 3. Good conversationalist 4. Sincerity 5. Desire to make things happen/change systems 6. Common interests 7. Selflessness 8. Openness to try new things and help me to try to new things/think about things in a different way

8 songs and albums I could listen to over and over (Ok, this one sucks):

1. Guster - Lost and gone forever 2. Jarabe de Palo 3. Feist - I feel it all (yeah, Zina) 4. Pretty much any Mana 5. Martin Sexton - Angeline 6. Mason Jennings - Killer's Creek 7. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean 8. Erin McKeown - Hum

8 Random things about me:

1. Folding clothes is NOT my hidden talent 2. It bothers me if the shower curtain is even slightly ajar when I am showering 3. I sleep with one eye open... yeah, you heard me 4. I hate pie 5. When I was 11, I was hit by a car while walking to my friend's birthday party, but I really wanted to go to the party, so I didn't tell my parents or go to the hospital 6. I alter my routine every morning to prevent Alzheimer's 7. I went through a phase where I only spoke in an Irish accent and almost convinced myself I was Irish 8. I don't like talking on the phone if anybody can hear me, which is difficult since I talk loudly on the phone

8 people I tag:

Heidi, Jess, Mel, Laura, Katie, Nic, Ash (because the more you're tagged, the more likely you are to finally give in), Free people


mel said...

ha!!! remember that time at the AMAZING mexican restaurant in Georgetown and we were reminiscing about how our old apt used to argue about everyone having an OCD-and you couldn't remember the whole shower curtain thing?!!! ha!! :) oh, and even though you sleep with one eye open I still love you, and I was still your roommate. I'll think about that tag...

ZLB said...

a most lovely tag response my dear heather. if we are indeed long lost gypsy twins then i determine you are the good twin, by far. and p.s. i'd happily go to any of those destinations with you or help start a non-profit. and i love 'the color of water'. xoxo

Heather Sanders said...

Mel,I know... I was laughing about that. The next day in the shower, I realized that it was true, and that I had just forgotten about it. ha!

Jecca Lee Ivie Johnson said...

I would love to play tag with you Heather, but I like the kind where you touch people and run like mad. The game is simple, the rules are few. However, I am not sure what I am supposed to do with this blog-tag extravaganza. Do I answer the same questions that you answered? If so, I will have to think deeply about my answers. I don't want to be boring. You may hate pie, but you're sure as sweet as a strawberry pie! Love, Jess

Heather Sanders said...

Yes, Jess darling. You just answer the same questions that I answered. But, I won't be offended should you choose to exempt yourself. I, too, prefer the live version of tag. But, in this world of electronics sometimes this is as close as we get, eh?