Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ode to Mac & Cheese

In a fit of felonious crave, my roommate rushed home from church on Sunday to make KRAFT ™ Macaroni and Cheese. She apparently liked it so much that she decided to make homemade mac & cheese the next night. Now, for whatever reason, I have never appreciated this specific combination of cheese and noodles. However, I am beginning to notice that I am, sadly, quite alone in this opinion. In USA Today (today) there was an article about the ever-increasing popularity of mac & cheese. Hundreds of restaurants now offer mac & cheese as an appetizer or entrée. In fact, 2 restaurants in NY specialize in serving nothing but mac & cheese. At these restaurants, you can indulge your cheese taste buds with styles of mac & cheese ranging from: Mexican, Brie, Cheeseburger, Manchego, Cajun, Gruyere, Jalapeno MacSticks, Chipotle shrimp, Primavera, to Mac Cheesesteak – to give you only a small sampling. Even KRAFT has gone organic.

And so, under conformist pressure, I laud the great invention and popular growth spurt of mac & cheese. Because really, what’s more American than (at least) 20 grams of fat, 1100 mg of sodium, and 400 calories per serving? If for no other reason, you should eat it just to show your patriotism.

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Jonny said...

Mac and cheese... not just the college staple, but a staple for life.