Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Behavior change

It's strange how difficult it can be to change a behavior, even when it comes to changing a good behavior to a bad one. I work in behavior change, and supposedly understand some ways to make people adopt new behaviors. Yet, I still have a time of it trying to change myself.

Here I stand, post-birthday gifts, with a lovely ipod touch. It's real nice and perdy, and in theory, I think it could be useful if used sparingly. But I just can't get myself to use it. Perhaps it's because I resisted it and felt a strong moral opposition to it, and then finally caved. Perhaps it's a feeling of guilt. I don't know, but it's like a sense of awkwardness creeps over me, like I don't know how to use it, and I just put it aside. It's like I have to alter my whole world view to start making an ipod part of it. I have to make room for the ipod, but I feel ambivalent toward it. It has to be something you consciously think about, and I just don't. I forget completely that I even own it, and it sits on my bedside table. I see it when I go to bed and wonder, what is it I'm supposed to do with this here thing? Strange, isn't it?


M. said...

i remember when i got my first ipod my senior year in college. I had to ask some girl how to turn it off because i didn't know how. Yeah, I looked like an idiot. but i'm over it now :) you can do loads of things with it smeath... listen to NPR podcasts, radio lab, church talks, harry potter... just sayin'.

Irene M. said...

Una sugerencia... ponlo en una caja bien protegidito, ciérrala bien cerrada y mándalo a España... del resto ya me encargo yo... Just kidding! I love reading your blog! I love how you write... from time to time I even learn new words... Love you Sister Sanders!

Jecca Lee Ivie Johnson said...

You could always just turn it into a chunky necklace if it really bothers you to use properly.