Tuesday, December 2, 2008

True meaning

Each year at Christmas time I embark on a "true meaning" experiment. I select an activity or set of activities that will help me focus on the real meaning of Christmas. Even as I attempt to channel all my thoughts toward this purpose, it's still easy to get caught up in ancillary activities and thoughts. This year I feel an especial desire to drown out the noisy materialism and welcome in the hush and peace of Christ. I don't want Christmas to be a misnomer. I wonder how we've gotten to the point where Christmas meaning is enshrined in the tune, "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas."
It's already the 2 of December, and I've had a hard time committing to one experiment. I wonder what other people have done to help them focus on Christ during this season (that's not just a musing - please tell!). For now, I have settled on my "true meaning" but would love to supplement it with ideas that others have. This year, I would like to more fully comprehend and appreciate the roles that Christ plays in my salvation and daily life. It's too easy to forget how fundamental Christ is in our lives, how He lives in every facet and impacts every action. I plan to study one of Jesus Christ's titles every day this month and then ponder on how that role impacts my life. I hope that this will help me to feel His presence and import in my life.


Anonymous said...

A similar discussion ensued at the old Elggren household over Thanksgiving. We decided to bring back a family Christmas tradition that, for whatever reason, has fallen by the wayside over the years: Love Stockings.

Instead of receiving a stocking full of candy and goodies Christmas morning, we receive a stocking of letters written from each sibling/parent/in-law/niece. It not only fun to receive, it's great to have the opportunity to write and be expressive toward other members of the family. Our hope is that by focusing on expressing our love to each other, we'll better experience the true meaning of what we're celebrating.

Brian and chelsea said...

amazing timing...
my thought-of-the-day calendar had the following words from the great Neal A. Maxwell (ever heard of him? :)

"God's gifts, unlike seasonal gifts, are eternal and unperishable, constituting a continuing Christmas which is never over! These infinite gifts are made possible by the infinite atonement."

So perhaps focusing our thoughts and/or scripture study on God's GIFTS to us, during this gift-giving season, would help.

But honestly, your idea is inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

Erin said...

that's a great idea!

i don't have any brilliant ideas. i am playing with a nativity set with joseph a lot and trying to explain to him about christ's birth ... so that is keeping me focused on a very basic level. he's too young to care about presents so we're not really thinking much about any of that.