Monday, September 22, 2008

Claire Koltko: Culinary Creator of the Century

Is there such a thing as a cake-maker hall of fame? If so, we're putting Claire Ellen Koltko down for first place. Claire knows how to:
a. throw an amazing birthday party
b. make an amazing birthday cake
c. make you feel amazing on your birthday
d. all of the above

Please see exhibits below for evidence of this amazing cake-making talent that Claire possesses in such abundance. Here's to Claire, our own claim to hall of fame. She's a marvel. She's a wonder.


Wes said...

I'm particularly impressed with the Starry Night and garden cakes!

Anonymous said...

It's simply amazing. AMAZING!

Anderson's said...

Those cakes are amazing. Can she teach me? My kids would love to have an amazing cake for their birthdays!

Jecca Lee Ivie Johnson said...

I hope you had the best birthday ever! And ate all that delicious cake!

Brian and chelsea said...


Ty said...

Happy Birthday Heather!! Remember the ropes course Freshman year. Hope you had a great day!!!