Thursday, April 24, 2008

Who d'ya think I am?

So, I am an administrator for an online community where we do loads of e-forums and discussions. I send an email to people once I have approved their account, and sometimes I get back some wacked-out emails. Here is the treat of the week:

"Thank you for approval given to my account, Please kindly send one laptop computer for me. l want to participate in this programme efficiently and effectively,
l will be glad for your due consideration.
My postal address is as follow...
Thank you."

Right... I'll just kindly send you one right out. No problem whatsoever. Little does this person realize that I am just a lowly worker who doesn't even get her own laptop. But, I wish this person the best of luck convincing an NGO to give away laptops. That'll be the day.


mel said...

AWESOME. you need to share more of these treasures! ;)

Jecca Lee Ivie Johnson said...

Thank you for this post. I'll start making my christmas list and send it your way!

Brian and chelsea said...

I want TWO laptops, and fries with that.

Ya know, a lot of masters programs around the country give laptops to their grad students. It's considered just part of the deal and expected by the students... evidently our benevolent MPH leaders didn't want to spoil us. We'll have to thank them for that.